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To excel in a competitive marketplace, organizations must have effective communication systems. The more efficient your phone system, data transfer, storage capabilities and networking components, the more time you have to devote to your business and the more money you are likely to save on costly communications failures.

Americom Communications, headquartered in Lincoln, NE, not only provides the most efficacious and technologically savvy telephone systems throughout the Midwest, we also supply data services, surveillance systems, wireless solutions and the latest in innovative networking applications.

Business Telephone

Americom serves organizations both large and small as an experienced and reliable business telephone company. We take pride in offering a commitment that ensures your business telephone communications remain uninterrupted during busy seasons or during transitions due to growth or bigger offices. We provide an integrated and customized service that can be tailored to directly promote quality telephone systems, voice mail, networking, public address (PA) sound systems, VoIP PBX and IP solutions.

Data Services

Americom technicians provide expertise in building a solid, efficient infrastructure for your data and telephone systems, keeping communications flowing smoothly and without interruption.

Surveillance Systems

Americom's high-quality surveillance systems can be integrated into your network with access control over entrances and exits as well as systems to monitor employees or customers. This provides added security and liability protection and acts as a deterrent to criminal activity.

Wireless Solutions

Americom can assist you in creating wireless hotspots and bridging in order to ensure continuous internet and intranet connections in large buildings or between buildings on a business campus.

Customer Service

Americom assists and advises businesses on how to make their present systems more efficient and less wasteful and provides assistance with regard to implementing new technologies and applications.

Contact Americom Communications in Lincoln at 402.489.9700 or in Omaha at 402.393.5905.
Sales requests or questions can also be sent to sales@americom.biz.

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